September 29th

The corona pandemic has placed a heavy burden on the economy and society in Germany and around the world. Many companies had to temporarily stop their production or their work and send employees to the home office or on short-time work.

But there were also companies that were able to cope with the crisis well or even emerged from the crisis as winners because they repositioned themselves or offered new services - new services. Gastronomy with delivery service or pick-up offers, restaurants with special Corona menus, communication consultants and PR people, many craftsmen, as well as IT companies that specialize in connecting home offices and companies or have helped with the digitization of conferences. They have all shown that service plays a major role in a crisis.

More Service and Customer Orientation

Many companies also used the standstill during the lockdown to rethink, improve or completely redefine their range of services: What exactly do we offer? What are the benefits for our customers? What might a competitor do better? They, too, have concentrated on more service and thus focused on what is always important for all companies: the customers.

From all these observations and considerations, the idea arose to dedicate a separate day of action to service and customer orientation. Every year there are hundreds of days of action on many different topics (some of which are not even meant seriously). But we mean it seriously: Service is one of the important issues that we shouldn't lose sight of. The corona crisis showed us that.