Why do we need this?

September 29 th

A crisis is always a challenge and an opportunity. If the Corona crisis has anything good, it is precisely this thought that in the future we will not only be able to do things differently, but better. Among other things, because service and service are given a new weight. For this we not only need a new view of our own range of services, but also an exchange with others. Because you can only get better if you are willing to look at your own offer from a different perspective. We want to promote this exchange with the World Service Day.

Why the exchange is still important: The new way of thinking about services requires professionalism and precision. The will for more digitization alone is not enough, the implementation must also work. With digitization in particular, smart people, financial resources and legal framework conditions are required to achieve the goal of functioning (!) Digitization in schools and universities, in companies and at congresses.

The corona crisis has shown that we can make many things possible if we have to and if we want to. Aligning your own offer and your own work processes with this new service concept will be a rejuvenation treatment for some companies. Service, services, employee and customer orientation have gained in importance due to the restrictions during Corona. We should keep this to ourselves and let this new service approach become part of our business culture. This is not a crisis, this is a great perspective!